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Fractional General Counsel
Fractional General Counsel

Starting at $1,200/month

Up to 4 hours of consultation (video/phone calls and emails) per month to better accommodate the varied needs of small businesses.

Foundation Services:

- Business Formation guidance

- Contract Review and Drafting (including Website and Employment Agreements)

- Basic Intellectual Property (IP) consultation and trade secret agreements

- Vendor Agreement consultations
General Counsel Advisory: Ongoing legal advice tailored to your day-to-day operations and strategic goals.

Flexible Support: A discounted rate on additional time and materials for work outside the agreed scope.


Starting at $4,000/month

Up to 11 hours of consultation per month to cater to businesses seeking comprehensive legal oversight.

Advanced Strategic Services:

- Succession Planning and Corporate Governance
- Comprehensive Compliance Reviews & Guidance
- Advanced HR Policy development, including Employee Handbooks
- Intellectual Property Monitoring and Management

Proactive Legal Management: A focus on long-term strategic planning, corporate governance, and compliance to preemptively address potential legal challenges.

General Counsel Advisory: An all-encompassing legal partnership offering the highest level of personalized service and strategic insight.


Starting at $2,500/month

Up to 8 hours of consultation per month, providing more extensive support for growing businesses.

Expansion Support:

- Corporate Structuring advice for scalability
- Commercial Transactions assistance
- Independent Contractor Agreement services

Strategic Planning: Enhanced negotiation support and contract management for evolving business relationships.

General Counsel Advisory: Continuation of personalized legal guidance with the added depth for growing businesses.


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